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Is China Unstable

.. ruling regime as a communist dictatorship, the nature of the Chinese regime has changed profoundly in the last two decades. If we may call the pre-reform Chinese regime a socialist one with a broad base of support among workers and peasants, pro-market reforms have seriously eroded the broad social base of the CCP. This […]

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Illusions “I’ll follow this good man and go with you and having sworn truth, ever will be true.” (Act IV, Scene 3, line 32) “My kind Antonio, I can no longer answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever oft good turns.” (Act III, Scene 3, line 14) “My bosom is full of kindness, and […]

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Death Penalty

Death Penalty Virtually every major program designed to address the underlying causes of violence and to support the poor, vulnerable, powerless victims of crime is being cut even further to the bone In this context, the proposition that the death penalty is a needed addition to our arsenal of weapons lacks credibility Scott Harshbarge, Attorney […]

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Parenting And Ethics

Parenting And Ethics Family Friendly for Whose Family? Do workers without children reap the same rewards as do their colleagues who are parents? Equal work for equal pay has long been the American mantra, but are parents more equal? The childfree say it is dangerous to promote one lifestyle and set of personal choices above […]

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Rocket Engines

Rocket Engines One of the most amazing endeavors man has ever undertaken is the exploration of space. A big part of the amazement is the complexity. Space exploration is complicated because there are so many interesting problems to solve and obstacles to overcome. You have things like: The vacuum of space Heat management problems The […]

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Rich And Poor

Rich And Poor The United States is the most developed capitalist economy in the world. The markets within the economy provide profit-motivated companies endless potential in the pursuance of pecuniary accumulation. Throughout the twentieth-century competitive companies have implemented modernized managerial procedures designed to raise profits by reducing unnecessary costs. These cost-saving procedures have had a […]

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Siddhartha Siddhartha has been searching for fulfillment all his life. Though he was the most scholarly and respected Brahmin, this did not satisfy him. He drank knowledge, yet still felt ignorant. He could not find peace. He could not find fulfillment. His journey is essentially one of trial and error, suffering, mistakes, and rebirth. He […]

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Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou Her life was never easy. From the time she was born, Maya Angelou was subjected to racism, rape, grief and dehumanization. She beared enough emotional stress in a time frame that most people don’t experience in a lifetime. Yet she prevailed. She forced herself to become stronger. And in doing so, she produced […]

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The Environment

The Environment – The Environment The impact of people on their environment can be devastating. This is where the respective role of governments can make decisions that shape environmental policy and responsibilities. These governments can be broken up into four different levels: local, state, federal and international. Air quality and biodiversity are two current issues […]

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The Role Of A Government

The Role Of A Government Sue Ellen Webb Mrs. Caudill English III Honors-5 20 January 2000 The Role of a Government Henry David Thoreau often took extreme positions on the issue of government and its role in society. To this somewhat rebellious transcendentalist, government should not govern people at all and law was often meant […]

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