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A Dolls House

A Doll’s House The events begin to succeed each other more and more rapidly and the circle begins to spin around her. We find that, for saving her husbands life, Nora has committed forgery and Krogstad is ready to use this information in order achieve his goals : ()if I produce this document in court, […]

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The Joy Luck Club

.. mother, but the only difference is their race. I see my grandmother look at my uncle dumbly, but when she looks at my dad she looks at him just like she looks at my mother. I see my mom and dad’s as equals in their marriage. They both work and make the decisions together. […]

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Tartuffe by Molire I was in the audience at the proformance of Tartuffe the first night it played at Prairie High School. I really liked Tartuffe, i felt that the play was pretty funny, and i liked how it started off by letting the audience know Tartuffe is a fraud. I thought it was a […]

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Internet Issues

Internet Issues Every new technology has raised privacy issues. Today Internet is raising new issues about privacy and security among others. Right now there are many legal and ethical battles going on about the Internet and yet there are not consolidated laws regulating the Internet. In other words the Internet is self-regulated. Many organizations are […]

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Think Win

Think Win To us “winning” means always doing our best, as individuals and as a team. If we have done all that, we have “won” no matter what the score may be. “Win-Win” means that we have all contributed in some way, however small it may seem at the time, because basketball, like life, is […]

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Ego And Personality

EGO And Personality The ego, a word that is arbitrarily used by mean, has a quite distinct and significant meaning. Ego development is an aspect of psychology that has been discussed by a number of authors and psychologist. Many different authors have concluded a variety of theories behind the ego and its many stages and […]

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Impact Of Music

Impact Of Music Fifteen people died on April 20th 1999. Two misunderstood teens went to school and killed 12 people and then themselves(Manson). On October 6th, 1998 a man was beaten, robbed and left tied to a fence. He died 6 days later(Boston). Both of these cases are a focus for something that no one […]

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Janet Hoffman 1

Janet Hoffman -1- Sociology July 10, 2000 SILENT VOICE When I read the chapter on The De-Voicing of Society, I have to say that I was not surprised. I saw this coming back in the 1960s. But I never really believed that as we grew and evolved that it would escalate to the point where […]

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Miracle Economics

Miracle Economics In his book Asias Miracle Economies, Jon Woronoff examines the dramatically quick economic growth of five Asian countries. The five countries examined are Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Through his study the author demonstrates that there was no miracle involved in these countries growth. They applied specific strategies that were adapted […]

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