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Why Did You Do It Huck

WHY DID YOU DO IT HUCK? A young boy by the name of Huck Finn fakes his death to escape imprisonment from his father. Huck has left his hometown in horror after his brutal death. The small Illinois town has been in search for the killers of this young boy too long to be happy with the death being a decoy. Throughout this detailed article, the USA Today is proud to give you, the reader, a detailed explanation of Hucks planning, executing, and ending to his fake death. The once imprisoned boy ends up running across the country.

This whole event began one spring day while Huck is living with Widow Douglas. His drunk and abusive father, Pap, ends Hucks stay with the widow and kidnaps Huck. Pap then takes his civilized son three miles up and across the river to a heavily woody area. In the woods is a cabin where nobody could find it. This is where Pap makes Huck his prisoner. Pap would lock the cabins only door and keep the key with him at all times.

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Pap would make Huck fish and hunt for their food. Then Pap would get valuables, lock up Huck, and then sell the goods in town for alcohol. Hucks clothes became torn and ragged after not receiving any new clothing from Pap. The only reason Pap wants to have Huck is so that he will gain custody of, and the money that is in his sons name. After a trip Pap made to town, which lasted three days, Huck searched the entire cabin over a hundred times for a way out of the cabin.

Then before losing all hope Huck finds a small wood saw. Huck then used the saw on the bottom rear log of the cabin. But before Huck could finish, Pap returns from his trip. Hucks plan becomes uneasy when Pap says that he will probably move Huck to a more secluded spot along the river. Huck devises a new plan to walk off with the gun and some lines, and take to the woods when I run away.

I guess I wouldnt stay in one place, but just tramp across the country, mostly night times, and hunt and fish to keep me alive, and so get so far away that the old man and the widow couldnt ever find me any more(Chap.6). Huck plans on leaving that night, but falls into a deep sleep. The next day Huck plans on Pap getting drunk, allowing Huck to escape. Huck will escape when his father falls asleep, giving Huck time to steal the cabin key and run away without being noticed. But before this occurs, Huck once again falls asleep.

Then suddenly, Huck wakes up to Pap screaming about snakes and attempting to kill The Angel of Death Huck. He chased me round and round the place with a clasp knife, calling me the Angel of Death, and saying he would kill me(Chap.6). Huck is now scared, so he grabs the gun and points it at Pap until Pap settles down. The next day when Huck is to go fish, he discovers an empty canoe. Huck hides the canoe, in hope to use it in his escape. I judged Id hide her good, and then stead of taking the woods when I run off, Id go down the river about fifty mile and camp in one place for good, and not have such a rough time on foot(Chap.7).

Huck now has a new plan so that nobody wont think of following me. While Pap leaves on a trip to town, Huck finishes sawing the log in the back of the cabin, and succeeds. Huck gathers up all the supplies he will need on his trip. These supplies include: corn meal, bacon, the whiskey jug, coffee, sugar, the gun, ammunition, the wadding, a bucket and gourd, dipper and tin cup, the saw and two blankets, a skillet, fish lines, and matches. Huck fixes the log so that the cabin looks untouched.

Before Huck leaves, he hunts one more time for some food. He finds some wild pigs and gets an idea. Huck takes the dead pig up to the cabin. This is where huck beats the pig with an axe. Huck spread the pigs blood over the cabin, filled the pig with large rocks, and smacked the axe into to back of the pigs head and left it.

Huck then pulls out some of his own hair and adds it to the head of the pig. But before Huck leaves, he moves things inside the cabin, such as the meal and Paps whetstone, to make it look like some robbers were the killers. Huck leaves in his canoe believing his plan has worked. They wont ever hunt the river for anything but my dead carcass. Theyll soon get tired of that, and wont bother no more about me (Chap.7). After people discover Hucks dead body, the town put Pap and Jim (a recent runaway slave of the town) as the murder suspects of Huck Finn. A few months later Huck is found with Jim, and both run away again before they become sivilized. And right now Huck and Jim are nowhere to be found.

They have been spotted in different places across the country.


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